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Fix Your Draft - Get Expert Advice & Your Draft Proofread

Putting our expert editors to work on your draft can be the difference between a "B paper" and an "A paper"!

Get expert advice on the following main points:

  • Does your paper effectively address the topic or question at hand?
  • Do you have a well-defined thesis?
  • Does your draft provide a well-balanced view and a convincing account of the pertinent issues?
  • Do any of your ideas require further elaboration or clarification?
  • Are you missing any important key concepts?
  • Does your document flow smoothly and logically from one paragraph to the next?
  • Is the written concept clearly communicated to your reader?
  • Does your writing demonstrate a full understanding and command over the subject matter?
Do you have a strong written draft? In addition to proofreading your document, your specialized editor will provide a comprehensive assessment regarding its content. Get insightful commentary that will help you make the necessary changes to ensure a strong and well-written final draft.

It's more than just an edit. Get a critical assessment on your content by an expert in your subject matter.

Before submitting your paper to your professor, take advantage of our popular editing service by having a specialized editor critique and proofread your entire document. Our team of experienced editors in philosophy, as well as in the humanities, can significantly improve the quality of your writing by providing you with expert proofreading and editing services.

Your editor will also proofread your draft for the following aspects:

How your document is edited

We utilize Microsoft Word's built-in "track changes" feature to make our corrections and suggestions. This provides for the most user-friendly and effective interface to review your edited document when you get it back.
You also have the freedom to decide which corrections or suggestions you'd like to accept. With Microsoft "track changes", you'll know exactly which word, sentence, paragraph, or general idea your editor is addressing as all the markings will be made directly on your draft. Your editor's corrections, comments, and suggestions are written in clear and simple language.

Superior editing and very affordable rates

You will never find such competitive rates for the quality you are getting. Have us improve your draft before your professor grades it. We look forward to turning your draft into a stronger, better written final paper. Choose from our five convenient turnaround times to best meet your deadline.

72-hour turnaround ($9.95 USD per page)
48-hour turnaround ($10.95 USD per page)
24-hour turnaround ($11.95 USD per page)
12-hour turnaround ($12.95 USD per page)
6-hour turnaround ($14.95 USD per page)

Our guarantee

We are dedicated to continually provide the very best editing service, one customer at a time. Every document submitted to us receives the highest level of care and professionalism. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our editing services that if for any reason you're not, we'll be happy to do further revision at no additional cost until your level of satisfaction is met. This guarantee ensures you receive the highest quality possible.

We guarantee the quality of our service and look forward to critiquing and proofreading your document!

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